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Our Functions

The Chamber has two primary functions that define our activities. The first function is to serve as a consultative body, while the second function is dedicated to providing services tailored to Andorran companies.



As a consultative body for the Government, the General Council, and other public administrations and institutions, our aim is to convey the opinions and proposals of the business sector that contribute to the improvement of the Andorran economy and society as a whole.

The Chamber, as assigned by Law 23/2018, dated 18 October, fulfills the function of being a consultative and advisory body for the Public Administration. This function is carried out through the analysis and issuance of reports and studies, both upon request from public administrations and on our own initiative.

The advisory function is coordinated by the legal secretary, with support from the commissions and the economic analysis service.

The commissions serve as the working tool that provides the necessary expertise for comprehensive and long-term strategic reflection.

In addition to preparing the annual economic report, the economic analysis service plays a crucial role in publishing business and economic-related content, making it a reference point in the country.

We offer a wide range of services to companies and professionals, aiming to foster economic dynamism, provide advice, resolve business conflicts, and offer continuous training.

  • Business advice: We provide guidance and support in resolving any doubts that arise during the process of establishing a company or society.
  • Continuing education: We offer high-quality and up-to-date content to enhance the competitiveness and vitality of the business sector.
  • Conflict Resolution Center: We provide professional, impartial, and neutral procedures to effectively resolve business conflicts.
  • Trade and tourism services: We develop programs to stimulate trade, such as the “Andorra Excellent Trade” label, the Store Assist service, and the Christmas Window Display contest. Additionally, our dedicated work commission focuses on boosting and promoting initiatives in the tourism and commerce sectors.
  • Economic analysis: We are a reputable source for business and economic publications, including the annual economic report, half-yearly situation report, and co-edition of “Andorra in Numbers.”
  • Census: We responsibly maintain a comprehensive and constantly updated database of commercial establishments in the country.
  • Internationalization: We assist companies with internationalization processes and provide necessary documentation support.

These services reflect our commitment to supporting Andorran businesses and fostering their growth in a global marketplace.