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Franchises for travelers

One of the points contemplated in the Customs Union Agreement of June 28, 1990 is the amount of merchandise that travellers can take with them from the Principality of Andorra in exemption from paying customs duties and taxes, upon entry in the EU.

The quantities and maximum amounts of these franchises are detailed below, per person:

1000 g of coffee or 400 g of extracts
200 g of tea or 80 g of extracts
Alcoholic beverages *
1.5 l of spirits over 22 degrees
3 l of spirits or aperitifs of less than 22 degrees or of sparkling wines
5 liters of table wine
tobacco *
300 cigarettes
150 cigars of less than 3 g per piece
75 cigars of more than 3 g per piece
400 g of pipe tobacco
Other agricultural products
Up to a value of €300.00 ( For people under 15 years of age, EC member states can reduce the deductible to a maximum of half of the amounts provided )
– without exceeding:
2.5 kg of milk powder
3 kg of condensed milk
6 kg of fresh milk
1 kg of butter
4 kg of cheese
5 kg of sugar and sweets
5 kg of meat


In addition to all these agricultural products, each traveller is entitled to franchises in industrial products:

75 g of perfumes
375 ml of colonies
Other industrial products
Up to a value of €900.00 (For people under the age of 15, EC member states can reduce the deductible to a maximum of half of the amounts provided)


It is important to note the special limitations that may apply to certain products such as animal or plant products, live animals, endangered species, medicines, weapons and ammunition, art and collectibles, currency, gold, means of payment… In this sense, it is advisable to inquire about these limitations near the Community customs, before crossing the border:

  • French Customs of Baladrà Tel. 0033 561 05 20 74
  • Spanish Customs of La Farga de Moles Tel. 0034 973 35 15 54

Note: The present content is purely informative and does not constitute any legal basis